Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gladly will I avail of this public private space, knowing that only google are watching, free to anyone, true to the torment that inspires.  The winter looms large on our deep horizon, red skies in the evening, turquoise night, moonlight and frost gleaming; the scene is set, who will enter?  A boy, handsome, shy, good-natured, curious, nose twitching, eyes wide with interest.  A woman's voice, shrill, he disappears.  Evidently not daring.  Go to.  


Friday, October 18, 2013

Barkers for Parker's

If there is something beautiful in the offing let us applaud but how fit is it, to the purpose of replacing this?
Former premises of Parkers, Cork Timber, Cement & Co, Kyrle St Cork, ©Tom Jordan September 2013
More usually we know the order of events.. Dereliction, neglect, demolition and then a car park for ten years until the economic climate improves... Surely there is a better way to manage old buildings?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All you guitar players
like myself you may be blinded by the sight
of rosewood backs and sides
but remember
it's a crime

Two hundred thousand years we have waited for this moment
The decision is entirely ours
Do we continue the journey of our self discovery
Or are we throwing in the towel?

Twice one hundred thousand summers
adapting all our wiles
to nature and to nurture
to pillage and despoil

When our global village wonders
who has put the lights out
till your garden lightly
think about the bees